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Last year's resolution: move back to Boston. Accomplished! At times it seemed to be a terrifying and/or impossible goal, but I've made it and have been in the greater Boston area since September 2014.

This year's resolutions: continue to write more. Continue to lose weight without beating myself up about how, or feeling like I'm not progressing 'fast' enough. Keep in better touch with friends and important people in my life. Get a full-time position I like.

General life updates:

Partnerships - Have learned a lot about myself and what I need from partnerships and living situations this year. Still with B. and A., who are still both great partners, but am no longer contemplating moving in or raising kids with B. Their life and mine don't mesh well in some really important-to-me ways; I need to make a commitment to a partner who wants to live with me and with whom I can live, and I just can't live with B. for various reasons. T. continues to make my life awesomer; we're planning a visit for sometime in March. He's really helped me clarify some things I do want out of my relationships, through just being there for me. I am not sure where my relationship with E. is heading. We really still care about each other, but I worry about her a lot and don't get to talk to her as often as I'd like. Gender Book Group at Christopher's is still going strong and it's great to see old friends each month, and get some reading done every once in a while on topics that really matter to me and the inside of my head.

Friendships & Volunteering - I got involved in the burner community, mostly through A. and T., this past year. It's reminded me how much I really like camping, and it's made me go hiking out in the community parks behind my house a lot more this fall. I've been getting to know some good people. I'm also going to start volunteering at the Watertown makerspace, pending a background check--really excited to be learning a lot more hands-on skills, like welding, with friends old and new.

Learning Stuff - besides the welding, I used my last job to teach myself a lot about new HTML and CSS standards, and am excited to see how much better my programming skills are than they were a year ago. I successfully programmed my first responsive CSS design from scratch ovr the last few months and feel accomplished. Other things I've been doing more of include: sculpture, sewing, and cooking. Lots of Japanese food. 

Music - We listen to a lot of different music at one of my workplaces; after being almost totally music-free for several years, I'm slowly getting into new music again thanks to that. 

Work/Education - I have two part-time jobs. I like both of them very much; I get to use skillsets I've been honing, and that's almost as good as using my degree. I like my coworkers, and I like my bosses. I've been thinking about going back to school again, now that I can once more both read and retain material (unlike my foray into Tufts classes in 2009). I'm going to look into local options, and also options in Canada; I wouldn't mind resettling there for a bit.

Fandom - I'm hoping to see many of you at Readercon and even possibly Arisia this year; I also hope to attend a bit of Anthro New England. Getting back to my roots. I've started watching Star Trek (TNG) with my roommates when we're having lazy nights, which is at least once a week...I'm really enjoying it.

Gaming - still trying to beat level 34 of Shadow Dragon for the DS; when I get frustrated with that I've been playing a copy of Kirby Mass Attack, which is fun and almost but not quite mindless. Hoping I can finish up Okami and Epic Mickey 1 in 2015. Oh, and I've been programming a tiny little game with Twine. Got involved in a great RPG with old internet pals earlier in 2014 and hoping I can now pick it back up since my work schedule just changed this week and I don't have to get up as early each morning. 

Spirituality - I dabbled in Judaism this last year. It's not *not* for me, but I'm not sure if it is *for* me. Still staying far away from organized Christianity. Taking more time to myself to meditate and think before opening my mouth. Noticing that having two shelves of carefully curated books is enough for me to feel surrounded by books, and comforted by their physical presence in my life again. Dealing a lot with the unaddressed overtones of hoarding in my immediate family.

Self-Image/Health - I think I'm gorgeous, and it shows in the care I take of myself. I got the "alternative lifestyles haircut," as T. has dubbed it, a week or so ago and feel so happy in my body sometimes it makes me glow. I've been assembling a team of good <strike>Pokemon</strike> doctors here in Boston, and found that getting gatekept into taking care of my reproductive health and rights is an amazing feeling. Still annoyed there are gatekeepers, but if I've got to have them...

Pets: Oolong and Tokai are happy and healthy.

And that's 2015 so far.
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2014 Resolutions, early this year.

Save Money to Move: Now that I have a job, I can start saving money again. I've got a life I want to live--travel, good food, books, plans for a home with people I love--and I've got to get away from where I am now, which is unacceptable. Goal: move back to Boston in 2015. <strike>set up direct deposit to bank accounts</strike> and otherwise touch my money as little as possible in 2014.

Exercise, the way I Love: I don't have to spend money on a gym membership I hardly use, sitting there and struggling with body image. I can just start doing tai chi again at home. Better mental (and physical) balance, and it's free. My mother can stuff her reservations about 'unwomanly' martial arts. Goal:enjoy what I do to lose weight and reduce body dysphoria. Exercise an hour a day.

Pay attention to My Creative Life: I thought I'd lost the desire to write. It was hibernating. I love welcoming challenging creative endeavor back into my life. I have a novel, a sestina, and at least three short stories clamoring for completion. Goal: 100 words a day. Don't get overwhelmed; just work at it. The words will add up.

Now, a progress report from 2013:
Goal: Get on a medication that works for my bipolar depression and keep taking it. (This is already started; just have to discuss my med choice w/therapist and start taking it). Result: success. I feel awful that I couldn't do this earlier and hurt a lot of people in my life, but I literally wasn't in a space where I could do this, earlier. I can hold down a job again, and do well at it. My therapist and I agreed that I'm done with routine therapy. Medications and therapy, and my determination to get well, even thought it was born from a deep sadness, helped save my life.

Goal: Eat fewer processed grains. "Less white flour, more wheat flour." See what that does. Result: mixed. I've been eating less pasta and refined grains; more quinoa, oats, and whole grains. It wasn't life-changing, but I've now got a habit of eating a little more fiber now. I'm going to call this a win.

Goal: Secret resolution: try new sex thing. This particular thing did not happen, but I am working on it, and my three loving partners, as well as my astounding group of friends, have made 2013 a wonderful year for me in so many more ways than I can count. I'm grateful to you all.
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Ok, I know it's late, but there's only three this year:

Get on a medication that works for my bipolar depression and keep taking it. (This is already started; just have to discuss my med choice w/therapist and start taking it).

Eat fewer processed grains. "Less white flour, more wheat flour." See what that does.

Secret resolution: try new sex thing.