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So for the past year or so my bedroom was a mess. There was a bunch of sewing stuff in one corner that wasn't getting used at all, and wasn't getting put away, which was reminding me that I liked to sew but also that I had nowhere to do it everytime I opened my door. I went away to a sunny place for a solid month, and when I got back I was ashamed to be living in such grossness. It stayed like this for the better part of February while I got treatment for my newly diagnosed mental health issue (bipolar disorder) and then came the day I had enough spoons and I said, "I am going to clean all the things! I can't concentrate or make stuff with this going on."

The sewing pile area that was is now a new home for my pet lizard, whose cage is way cleaner than before and between my desk and dresser I have a sewing table. Where I can actually, and have actually, sewn things to wear since I cleaned.

There was a milk crate of files and a bunch of bills and paperwork that got shoved somewhere -- under my window, on top of my desk--instead of me going through my writing, health insurance stuff, medical records, and other paperwork, and filing away what I needed and shredding what I didn't.

Now it's a new file cabinet, organized so I can pay bills, find my art and writing projects current and past, and file everything away properly in the future (thanks to "Home Filing Made Easy" by Martin & Martin for a USEFUL filing system! My taxes are done!)

My desk was a nest of cables and junk that depressed me all the time I sat at it.

Now it's a clean space where I can work and not stress out. The remaining items are projects I am currently working on and need very close to hand. Bonus: filing cabinet top now functions as cat window perch.

My bed...didn't have a bottom fitted sheet on it. I had been sleeping on the futon mattress for about a year.

Now it's a place where I curl up at night and fall asleep in a cozy pillow nest.

My dresser was full of too much stuff that needed to be elsewhere.

Now it's a space where I get ready for the day and express my crazy eclectic decorating style and have a safe place for my great-grandmother's antique Chinese Imperial Scholar lamp.

My chair and ottoman were divorced. One was my bedside table and covered with junk. One was around the corner, and also covered with junk. I never sat on it.

My chair and ottoman are now getting it on. The top part of the ottoman is still covered with books I am actively reading or stuff I do before I fall asleep at night (DS, apple remote for music) but I can put my feet up or sit to put my shoes on. My chair is clean. I sit there to read or my cat sits there to help me read.

I vaccumed. I dusted. I used a magic eraser to take the scuzz off the new filing cabinet. It took about a day a week, for the better part of a month, to get to this state, and one nearly solid day of 20/10s at the very end for the last drawer of the filing cabinet, which I did NOT want to clean out. But my breaks for Kirby on the Wii helped me get through it and the results are totally awesome.

Thanks UFYH! Now to try and tackle the Family Hall Closet of Doom.

This took about a month working about 4 hours every week.

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I'm glad you're getting things worked out like that - it's something my wife and I are trying to get done around the house, although progress is slowed by the little one.

I'm afraid your photos aren't showing up either here or on livejournal, though.