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As you probably know, writing is one of the most important things in my life. This summer, I've decided to dedicate six weeks to it by joining a write-a-thon. A write-a-thon is somewhat like a walk-a-thon; but instead of walking, I'll be writing. Instead of lining up pledges per mile, I'm asking for pledges per 2500 words. My ultimate goal, besides finishing the first draft of my first novel, is to raise at least $20 so I may join a write-a-thon online critique group, all of which are mentored by a Clarion Workshop instructor or graduate.

The Write-a-Thon has been hosted annually for the past few years by the Clarion Foundation, a wonderful organization that provides funding for the highly respected Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Workshop at UCSD.

This year's Write-a-thon focuses more than ever on helping writers write by teaming us up with fellow authors and Clarion mentors so we can share critiques, ideas, encouragement and good writing. It's the same approach they've used successfully for years in the workshop, and I know it will provide me with just the kind of push I need to finish the project I've chosen, my fantasy novel-in-progress, "Woman Wreathed in Amber."

I generally describe WWIA as "the fey novel," since it's set in faerie and many of the characters are fey or other mythical creatures--but it's much more than that. It's about the gradual breakdown of a place called home, even if it's a home you hate; it's about blurring the lines between love and duty; it's about fonts and the complexity of warring desires and what it means to be moral when you're not mortal. And I haven't even gotten to the part about Baba Yaga. (Please read a short excerpt at my Write-a-Thon page, http://clarionwriteathon.org/members/profile.php?writerid=315343).

For those of you who've read the first few chapters in draft and have been wanting me to finish this for the last decade: please help me to do so and support a wonderful cause at the same time. I'm 31; it's time I got serious about my writing career by finishing this thing and making it publication-ready. I know I can do it, but I'd love to do it with a critique group specalizing in SF/F and for an organization I'd love to attend personally someday soon.

Plus it's all for a literally fantastic cause. Clarion is the oldest writing program of its kind, and it is highly respected. Many of the greatest figures in science fiction and fantasy honed their skills and launched careers there. Check it out on the web at clarion.ucsd.edu. Writing programs across the nation are under tremendous financial pressure and Clarion is no exception. The Write-a-Thon's success is vital to the workshop's continued existence. Last year it raised over $24,000!

I hope you'll help out by going to my writer page at http://clarionwriteathon.org/members/profile.php?writerid=315343 and sponsoring my writing. Every contribution that comes through will show on my page and will drive me to do more and better, while also helping out future writers.

Thank you in advance! Please check back often to see how I'm doing and what I've written.